COA for Trimesters at BHS

Recommendation as supported by the BHS Administrative Team and teachers

We will implement a 6x3 trimester schedule at BCSD for the 2017-2018 school year.


We will offer opportunities for students to continue to take AP courses (budget and class size permitting.)

We will continue to offer honors courses (budget and class size permitting.)

We will increase the enrichment opportunities for students through Hound Time and Extended Learning opportunities.

We will increase our opportunities for summer offerings and extended day offerings for enrichment and extension.


Week of February  15

Review of student academic plans will begin in Hound Room. This is the beginning of the course selection/registration process  

Review Graduation Requirements with students and they will review their transcripts.

Interest inventories will be completed by students.

Week of February 22

Begin Review of Coursebook (online)

Several will be printed for those who do not have internet access at home.


Department meetings  for all departments to begin planning and evaluating curriculum for the trimester planning.  Each team will walk away with a timeline and actions preparing for implementation.

Week of March 2

Course selection will begin.

Students will use the self-registration/selection function in Infinite Campus

Week of March 9

Course request numbers will be shared with faculty at an extended faculty meeting.

Staff will be given administrations opinion on number of sections for each class and then asked to make recommendations concerning the number of sections needed and who will be assigned to which classes.  Department meetings will be scheduled for further discussion.

March 17

Department Chair meeting will be held to discuss staffing issues and resources needed for any curriculum redesign.

March 18- April 15

Master Schedule will be constructed with frequent conversations with counselors and department chairs. Drafts of the schedule will be shared periodically with department chairs for their critique.

Spring 2016--Use PD days to orient teachers to designing curriculum for content areas (not focused primarily on textbooks)and solidify exit outcomes (April 15, May 13, June 3)


Schedule Summer sessions for teams.

April 20

Master schedule will be shared with all staff in an extended faculty meeting.

April 25

Special Education Student Schedules will be revamped to insure services can be provided efficiently.

April 26

Student schedules will be shared and schedule changes can be discussed with the counselors.

May 3, 2016

Dr Muhammed Audit of Culture (Will collect data to plan action for high school for 2016-2017 year.)


Offer work options for curriculum development, UbD work


Summer Teacher Academy


The Buck Institute will be contracted to do Project-based Learning training.


Technology Academy


Dr. Muhammad training. (6 sessions) on culture and implementing systems change

Fall 2016--Pilot Humanities Class (SS/ELA); implement Understanding Social Systems class (semester--built on the trimester, so part of the class would be transition)

Fall 2016--Professional Development (This will be developed over the next month or so.)

Winter 2016--Develop Course Books for the 2017-2018 school year (prior to Winter Break)

Students will register for courses in late Winter (early February)

Conferences will be held with students to understand the schedules (credits, etc)

Offer a teacher academy for continued growth and professional development.

Curriculum writing by department as needed.